Monday, May 28, 2012

New collection: "The Huntsman"

So!  This is new:

Inspired by our a) excitement for the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman in general and b) our excitement about the wonderfully large Chris Hemsworth as said Huntsman in particular, we put together this woodsy, sort of masculine collection of curiosities. 

We're enjoying the look of all the sharp points in the lower level of the box; rest assured that the porcupine quills do not joke around.  Also, I'm pretty sure Rachel and I have both stabbed ourselves more than once on honey locust thorns over the past few months.  The thorns are from a grove of honey locust trees in the woods near my house, which I came across last fall while bone hunting.  Although actually, when I say I "came across" the grove, what I mean is that I "nearly impaled my entire body on a tree covered in 6 inch thorns because I was watching the ground and not what kind of tree I was about to walk into."

Also, obviously, the raccoon skull (with all its teeth!) and that incredible antler fragment are just really bringing it.

We are also especially fond of the coyote teeth and claws we picked up recently.  You can see them next to each other in the back row there.  Can you imagine that claw sinking into your flesh?  (Probably, if you have cats that are anything like Rachel's, who like to give me a friendly clawing to remind me to keep petting them when I visit.)

Go check out "The Huntsman" collection in our shop and see all of Rachel's lovely photographs, which do not have my MSPaint scribbling on them!

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