Sunday, May 27, 2012

Inaugural post: Behind the scenes at Feather & Moss

Official shop texting discussion re: a recently acquired tarantula exoskeleton.  Concerned about Rachel's creepy-crawly phobia and the high-octane nightmare-fuel nature of the exoskeleton, I offered her some options:

Vanessa:  I'm gonna cut the exoskeleton into parts.  I think we can extend its use if we put the legs in vials, and it might be easier for you to work with... Unless you are interested in viewing it whole?

Rachel:  I'm not sure.  what do you think?

V:  I believe you would have a hard time dealing with it up close.  It's softening up enough to where I can stretch it back out, i can send you a pic and you tell me if you want it in pieces when i bring it.

R:  ok

V:  [pic]

R:  jesus!!!

R:  how can you hold that???

V:  It's like the cicada shells

R:  fuuuuuuuck no it's not!!!

V:  It's creepy but inert!

R:  *wtf wtf wtf wtf*

V:  Yeah i'ma go ahead and cut it up.

R:  yep.

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