Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What I've been up to while Vanessa is in class. {photo heavy post!}

Well since the last blog update, Vanessa went ahead and totally ditched me for a stupid summer class. (just kidding... sort of) She's been super busy. I have been busy too, but not with school.  The above images are of a spectacular new vial set we have up in the shop.
On to my personal adventures... I went here-
and yeah I "kayaked" in that water. It was about 2 feet deep and I spent a lot of time carrying the kayak. I slept here, in this cabin:
My bed was up there in a little loft. I got to feel like the 'kid' in the group (my sisters in law are all at least 12 years older than I am) since none of them were willing to climb that ladder and sleep on an institutional vinyl mattress. Ahhh... family mini breaks.

   I spent some time finding poisonous plants to harvest:

Taping some of said plants to my wall...

Waiting for dead birds to finish decomposing...

Taking my son to the nature center nearby and wondering how I could smuggle this out without being arrested :

Going to the petting farm where one of these pigs had a blue eye and a brown eye :

And driving to Omaha to meet my friend halfway (she lives in Colorado). She picked up my three daughters to take them back with her. The trip there was fine, the overnight stay was fine, but I drove back at such slow speeds I actually aged visibly by the time I arrived back home. No not really, but here:
Yeah I seriously went about 20 for 3 or so hours. I was travelling slow enough to get a decent photo of a turkey vulture perched on a post:

After finally arriving home, I went to the river to look for awesome curiosities and mostly found these:
 It was approximately 98 degrees outside so it smelled terrific! (I mean, um, gross)
I left a little stack of rocks by the stinking dead fish:

AND in case any of you wondered, this is what half of my face looks like:
 There. That's a recap of some stuff I did while completely abandoned by my partner in crime.
I apologize for the photo quality, most of these were taken with my phone. (I'm ashamed)
Until next time...


  1. Hey there- I would love to add this blog to the list of blogs I follow but I don't know how to :(

    I LOVE the Etsy story and just think everything about you guys rocks!

    1. Hey lady, thanks for the high compliments! Our blog is a little neglected so we just now saw your comment... I think you can add us to the blogs you follow if you go to your Dashboard, under 'Reading List' and 'Blogs I'm Following' there should be an 'Add' button. If you click on that, you can put in our blog's URL and add us to your reading list!